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The Kentia Palm is a perfect indoor palm. Elegant, air-purifying and resilient, it can tolerate some neglect, cooler temperatures and dry air conditions making it a low maintenance and trouble-free palm to provide lush, leafy, tropical foliage and an exotic element to any home or office interior. Howea forsteriana is also sometimes called the Sentry Palm or Thatch Palm.


130+/- HEIGHT

Kentia Palm

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  • The "Kentia palm", " Howeia Forsteriana " or  "Kentia forsteriana", originates from Lord Howea Island in Australia and is one of the best know indoor plants around the world. It can be seen indoors in northern latitudes from Cork to Chicago and outdoors from Mexico city to Melbourne. 

    It's occasionally called the "Sentry Palm" because of the entryways it frames and protects. 

    The Kentia is an elegant, beautiful and has all the characteristics you could have of an indoor plant- shade-tolerant, cold-tolerant and doesn't become too large in size. 

    Under the right conditions, a Kentia palm will, over time, develop into a grand specimen plant, up to 10 feet tall! 

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